1. In these Rules and Regulations,

(a) “Corporation” means one of the following: Diamonds Gentlemens Club, Eden Exotic Entertainment, or Showgirls Fort McMurray; (b) “holder” means a person having possession of a ticket; (c) “prize” means a sum of money, merchandise, property, service or any benefit to which the holder of a winning ticket is entitled; (d) “valid ticket” means a ticket which is not void; (e) “winning ticket” means a valid ticket which bears on or more selections entitling its holder to a prize according to the conditions established by the Corporation;

2. Any ticket:

(a) Other than a ticket awarded as a prize, for which payment has not received by the corporation prior to the date on which it would have, but for such non-payment, become a winning ticket, (b) Which is unissued, tampered with, altered, counterfeited, forged or produced in error, or which is in any material manner illegible, mutilated, defective, misprinted or otherwise incomplete, or if it fails any of the Corporation’s validation tests, (c) Has more than six (6) areas scratched Is void and shall not in any case entitle its holder to a prize.

3. The Corporation has no obligation to pay or deliver a prize unless the holder of a winning ticket:

(a) satisfies the Corporation that the holder of the winning ticket is lawfully entitled to possession of the winning ticket; (b) gives the Corporation and the right to publish his/her name, address, place of residence, and recent photograph without any claim for broadcasting, printing, or other rights; (c) if requested by the Corporation, give: i. satisfactory evidence of identification; ii. any information requested by the Corporation including but not limited to, acquisition and validation of the ticket; iii. an undertaking to indemnify and save the Corporation and their respective officers, directors, employees, agents and representatives harmless from any further claims made by either such holder or any other person regarding such ticket and prize

***The $10,000 Grand Prize was won on 04/12/2012***

4. No representation or warranty as to fitness and serviceability of any prize is given or to be implied. Prizes must be accepted as awarded. Cash prizes will be distributed in a span of 12 months, with an evenly divided amount paid each month.

5. The Corporation does not have any obligation to pay or deliver a prize unless the claimant:

(a) Satisfies the Corporation that the claimant is the holder of a valid ticket, and when a prize is claimed, that the conditions of Section 3 have been fulfilled; (b) Claims the prize prior to the expiry date as stated on

6. All written claims and tickets delivered to the Corporation become the sole property of the Corporation and all risks of delivering tickets remain with the holder.

7. Management, employees and families of Essential Entertainment and all related companies including but not limited to:Diamonds Gentlemen's Club, Eden Exotic Entertainment, Showgirls Exotic Nightclub are prohibited from winning any prizes awarded by Essential Entertainment.

8. The Corporation shall not be liable to anyone for any lost or damaged tickets. 9. The Corporation may from time to time amend these rules and regulations.